How long should my child/student be spending on curaJOY games for it to be effective?

We recommend 30 minutes of game play twice a week for skill retention, but even 15 minutes would be beneficial.  Be sure to help your student set up their avatar in the game play as some younger children have trouble with this part.  When the game says “You finished the game,” your child has finished a scene, and may return next time for their session.  It’s important to note that children should finish a scene before quitting for the most accurate personalized assessment reporting. Consistent practice is essential to mastering any skill. curaJOY products incorporate proven effective methods of enhancing children’s character and social emotional skills. Each game we offer contains 24-30 scenes, and children will benefit most from repeated play. Your child has unlimited access to the game during their subscription.

Where and when should my child play curaJOY’s games?

Once purchased, your child may play freely on any internet browsers at home or in school. There is no special app to download.  Remember to make sure that device’s speakers or headphones are working properly as dialogue and tone of voice are important in our games.  Younger children should spend about 15-30 minutes per session playing, and have the assistance of an adult their first time playing to ensure success.

Also, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Set your child up for success by finding a dedicated time when he/she is well-rested and able to give this program their attention and energy. One example is to schedule for your child to play Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evening before dinner, and then provide a small incentive after the game in the beginning.

How are curaJOY StrengthBuilder games different from the many free games that are available for children?

curaJOY products are developed specifically for social emotional learning with funding from the US Department of Education and National Science Foundation. Six years of rigorous research, more than $6 millions in training methodology, game design and research validation, and multiple peer reviewed published studies conclude that the consistent use of our programs improve skills in 6 key areas of strengths: confidence, communication, discipline, resilience, cooperation and empathy. We know that there are games with flashier animation than ours, but none can say positively that they help children build skills that will last a lifetime. To find out more about our product development, see StrengthBuilders.