Don’t just talk a big game. Make it happen.

Imagine it was 1848, and you found the biggest gold mine, and told everyone about it. You were right—the motherload of gold was there, but you never carry through and took any action. Instead of living the rest of your life covered in gold, you watched people who heard about your discovery do the hard work and carry off with the gold. Good ideas pave the grounds of startup cemetery and failed new year resolutions. Dreams and ideas are wonderful, but they have no value and can sometimes seem to be only figments of our imagination if we don’t take action. The real magic is in making them happen. [wpdiscuz-feedback id="xxdyw5vf56" question="Do you have your own tips for making habits stick?" opened="0"]But is there really magic? [/wpdiscuz-feedback] Successful implementation makes dreams come true, it isn’t very complicated (not to say that it’s not hard). Over the next few weeks, I’ll... Read more

The Art of Decision-Making

The Art of Decision-Making

Chocolate or strawberry? Life or death? We make some choices quickly and automatically, relying on mental shortcuts our brains have developed over the years to guide us in the best course of action. Understanding strategies such as maximizing vs. satisficing, fast versus slow thinking, and factors such as risk tolerance and choice overload, can lead to better outcomes. When making a decision, we form opinions and choose actions via mental processes which are influenced by biases, reason, emotions, and memories. The simple act of deciding supports the notion that we have free will. We weigh the benefits and costs of our choice, and then we cope with the consequences. Factors that limit the ability to make good decisions include missing or incomplete information, urgent deadlines, and limited physical or emotional resources. When people are put in a familiar situation, their decisions are often fast and automatic, based on longtime experience... Read more

6 Secrets to Goal Setting with ADHD

6 Secrets to Goal Setting with ADHD

ADHD has no “cure” — nor should it. Managing ADHD is not about fitting in or calming down; it is about standing out — identifying your competitive advantages and developing those strengths into skills that will help you achieve your personal goals. Over 15 years of treating adults with ADHD, I have identified six interventions that are reported to be the most helpful in managing ADHD symptoms and challenges. I have found that mastering these six “super skills” empowers people to make progress in their lives with – not in spite of – ADHD. Skill #1. Name Your Strengths Many individuals with ADHD suffer from low self-esteem and poor self-concept – often due to years of negative messaging about their abilities compared to individuals without ADHD 1 . These negative beliefs can sabotage quality of life and contribute to the development of mood disorders, anxiety, and other complex psychiatric issues... Read more

What is Quest Depot?

Quest Depot is an incentive-tied, science-based gamified experience for personal growth that helps people as young as elementary school to set goals, track progress, review performance, think positively and live out their dreams.   Personal goals are turned into quests at Quest Depot, and users benefit from all proven effective productivity and success methods automatically applied to their goal in a simple and visual way.  Parents, grandparents, families and friends can sponsor adventurers on their quests with cash prizes that are only released upon verified completion of quests. Quest Depot replaces: Reward chartsDiary/journalTo do list, Project management toolsProgress tracking chartsBehavior contractsMood monitoring appsConsequences / punishments Uses for Quest Depot: Change habitsRecord progressGoal settingGuided journalEmotions check-inManage allowances and reward for behaviorInvolve extended family and friends in what’s important to you Benefits of Quest Depot: More confident. Develop a growth mindset.Self discovery. Become more self-aware.Better mood, happier, calmer.Stronger relationships. Allies share your successes... Read more

Goal Setting Tools

Creating and setting goals is great, but actually achieving them can be much harder.  Using the proven goal setting exercises discussed in this article can help you not only in setting an achievable goal, but also in the individual steps and processes needed to achieve it. The way we spend our lives, those seemingly small daily decisions, actions, patterns, determines our success, happiness or lack thereof.  Having knowledge of goal setting is one thing, it's another thing to put them into action and stick to them. Goal setting tools are a great way to help you set goals, track progress, and focus on what you're trying to achieve. Regular meetings / reviews with your manager, coach, parent or teacherJoin groups and meet people trying to achieve the same goals (such as sports teams, weight loss,  / classes).Using goal setting software to keep you up to date (Quest Depot and GoalScape are... Read more

Too Many Quests? Exercises For Elucidation

Studies have shown writing about positive life goals topics to be hugely beneficial for our well-being and help us achieve our goals, so take some time to explore your future self and what you want to accomplish with the exercises below. In 2001, King asked students to write about either a traumatic experience, their best future self, both topics or any non-emotional control topic for twenty minutes a day, across four days. The student’s mood was measured before and after journalist and followed up three weeks after the initial test. King found that writing about life goals – or best possible future self – was associated with a significant increase in feelings of well-being compared to writing about trauma.  1. The ‘Perfect Groundhog Day’  Create a day you will never get bored of, that you could happily relive over and over.  Do one ‘Perfect Groundhog Day’ for your work/school day... Read more

How Pursuing a Quest Can Bring Purpose to Your Life

How Pursuing a Quest Can Bring Purpose to Your Life

In 2002, I walked into a cafe, laptop in hand, to begin a grand adventure.My adventure did not involve swords, dragons, or golden cups; it didn’t require me to hike the Appalachian trail or steer a boat solo across the world. All I had to do was sip a cappuccino and tap away at my keyboard. After years of detour as a corporate lawyer, I was finally allowing myself to reach that mythical state of being I’d dreamed of since age four: becoming “a writer.”Believe me when I tell you that I had no idea I would ever publish a best-selling book. My goal was simply to publish something— anything —by age seventy-five. That took the pressure off and put me in a state of near constant flow, and occasional bliss. I wrote a play, a memoir, poetry, and half a novel.After three years, I started writing Quiet and knew... Read more

This Is The Month When New Year’s Resolutions Fail—Here’s How To Save Them

This Is The Month When New Year’s Resolutions Fail—Here’s How To Save Them

New Year Resolutions Every year more than 50% of people make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, quit smoking, work out, save money, get a promotion, get a raise, and more. And yet, virtually every study tells us that around 80% of New Year’s resolutions will get abandoned around this month. In fact, one study found that gym sales dropped precipitously from January to February.So why do New Year’s resolutions fail? One big reason is that we often weren’t all that emotionally committed to the goal in the first place. Because January 1st is a pretty arbitrary day for half the population to start a new goal, it makes sense that many of us didn’t feel any real drive to start the goal on that particular day. In fact, a lot of us actually feel peer-pressured into making a goal for the new year.A second problem is that because we... Read more

Wield The Power of Discipline Toward Your Dreams

Have you ever envied anyone who has better grades, bigger house, more recognition, popularity.. and grumbled “Why did she get xxx and not me?!?*#”  It’s easy to look at people who seem to have it all--beauty, fitness, great career, wealth, freedom and tell ourselves that it’s all luck.  Malcolm Gladwell wrote in his bestseller book, Outliers, that all successful people who achieved mastery in any area have devoted at least 10,000 hours to it. No exceptions.   We live in a culture of instant gratification and overnight fame.  The youtube star that you believe to have gained fame overnight has hours of disciplined practice that people don’t see. . 10,000 seems like an insurmountable number, but when you’re consistent, a small step forward each day adds up to a lot of mileage over time.    Your life is too important to just leave it to chance. To guarantee success, harness the... Read more

Is it possible for my child to finish the entire game in one month? Can I cancel after a month?

Our research shows that children from schools and parents who observe best practices tend to complete each program in about six months. curaJOY is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting the emotional wellbeing of Asian youth worldwide.  Read about our mission here.  Each subscription includes not only the game but assessment and recommendation as well as important on-going activities like daily mood check-in, gratitude journal, breathing meditations, positive thinking, goal setting and mentoring that all work cohesively to forge your child’s inner armor.  Our online games are only one portion of each program.  Subscribers to our Multilingual Immersions can also opt in our beta Virtual Exchange Student Pen Pal, and be guided by our coaches to interact with children from other countries.  While we certainly hope your child keeps his/her subscription, you may cancel your subscription at any time. There is no commitment.  Period. We give families the option of month-to-month subscriptions on all our programs as well as discounts on 6-month and 12-month subscriptions.... Read more

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