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There are three traditional paths to providing social-emotional learning in schools, and both come with significant drawbacks. The first option is directly hiring school psychologists and counselors. While these professionals are an excellent choice for schools with a large budget, they are expensive, have limited availability, and can generate management and HR risks. 

The next path is to outsource student emotional health to behavior therapy agencies and independent psychologists. This alternative is slightly more flexible, but it’s still costly, time-consuming to coordinate. Depending on the program, you may also see inconsistent or non-existent results. 

In addition to the above solutions, schools often rely on individual teachers to manage social-emotional learning for their students. The school may provide some resources to help teachers manage counseling, group work, or worksheets, but the teacher still has to implement the changes. Teachers are already responsible for meeting Common Core requirements and changing state standards. Adding social-emotional learning to teachers’ planning responsibilities can lead to less effective lesson plans overall.  

That’s where curaJOY’s Done For You Social Emotional Learning Curriculum can help. The curaJOY mission is to provide a Done For You curriculum that will help jumpstart your school’s social-emotional learning program. There’s no need to hire additional staff, give teachers more duties, or work with inconsistent outside sources. It’s as simple as joining, creating student accounts, and letting them explore.

Benefits of curaJOY’s Social Emotional Learning Curriculum

CuraJOY does more than just teach emotional skills. With curaJOY’s Done For You Social Emotional Learning Curriculum, your institution can reliably satisfy your most important stakeholders: parents and students. 

‌Happier and Less Stressed Students

Understanding how to handle emotions constructively is one of the most important skills a child can learn. The StrengthBuilders program teaches your students how to understand what they’re feeling in both English and Chinese. It also trains them to use techniques to calm down and move past negative emotions. The result is happier children who thrive in and out of school. 

Happier, calmer students also lead to benefits like:

  • ‌Fewer social-emotional problems such as bullying or unengaged students
  • Improved academic performance, as proven by studies done by the Department of Education 
  • Less risk of costly litigation resulting from student interpersonal incidents

‌Increased Parent Satisfaction

When children are happier, so are their parents. The curaJOY StrengthBuilders Emotional Learning Curriculum has been shown to help children both in school and at home. Parents with happy, engaged children are less likely to transfer them to another school, helping increase your retention rates. 

Furthermore, few resources exist for social-emotional learning in Chinese. The dual-language StrengthBuilders program can help your school appeal to parents by providing a whole-child approach and social-emotional learning in their native language as well as in English. 

‌Easier Classroom Management

Students’ lack of emotional control is one of the biggest sources of stress for many educators. Adding the StrengthBuilders program to your school can help increase staff satisfaction and retention at your school. As students develop their emotional skills, classroom management will become simpler, and educators will find their jobs are more enjoyable. 

StrengthBuilders won’t increase educator workloads, either. Teachers will be able to:

  • ‌Easily compile student progress and assessment results to share with parents
  • ‌Implement consistent behavior plans, potentially replacing instructional aides, speech therapists, and behavior therapists in the classroom
  • ‌Save time on IEP, progress reports, and behavior plans by using curaJOY’s automatically-generated professional report

‌Best of all, the program is easy to get started. The StrengthBuilders program is self-contained, so it’s as simple as subscribing, creating student accounts, and letting them play. Administrators and teachers can rely on the curaJOY support team to help manage technical details and functionality. 

You won’t have to worry about convincing students to participate, either. The StrengthBuilders curriculum is gamified to encourage students to enjoy the program. They’ll be eager to play and learn, so rollout is quick and easy. 

What We Cover In Our Programs


The more confident children are, the more likely they are to try new things, stand firm against peer pressure, feel proud of who they are, and really give their best shot at everything they do. Components of a growth mindset like positive thinking are taught, practiced, and reinforced.


Growing numbers of experts say resilience is the #1 key to success. We don’t just “lecture” about resilience. In our programs, children learn by doing–overcoming, problem-solving tough situations like bullying, peer pressure, unexpected changes, test anxiety, rejection, etc.


We cover topics including active listening, perspective taking, word choices, body language, negotiation styles that children usually have to wait until college to learn. Boosting communication skills benefit children’s academic, social, and family life by helping them feel understood and obtain support.


Empathy is foundational to conflict resolution, leadership, and emotional wellbeing. It doesn’t just help people get along, but also enhances happiness and reduces stress. Perspective taking is frequently practiced throughout all programs, and aids problem solving greatly.


Lessons in this category help your child in conflict resolution and become a leader from an early age. Developing cooperation strength also helps children make, keep friends, and start preparing for leadership roles.


Self-disciplined children control their impulses, considering possible consequences and goals before they act. Our programs purposely challenge children in areas they most need work. Children will face positive role models as well as learn to resist temptations.

‌Done-For-You: Personalized, Differentiated Learning

The educational world has been moving to a differentiated model of learning for years. However, providing genuinely individualized learning opportunities for students is difficult, particularly when you need to handle learning differences. 

The curaJOY suite of programs is designed to serve:

  • ‌Gifted and talented students 
  • ‌Students with autism
  • ‌Students with ADHD
  • ‌Students with Asperger’s
  • ‌Even neurotypical students prefer our programs to learn social-emotional skills like growth mindset, negotiation, making conversation, and more.

Each student will discover a dynamic program that automatically provides an individualized experience. Meanwhile, no student will feel singled out since everyone will be engaging with StrengthBuilders in some way. 

Your institution will help these children fulfill their speech, social, and emotional education requirements without additional staffing. You’ll even receive valuable professional assessment data and reports directly from the program. Since students will be engaging their emotions with StrengthBuilders, you’ll also see less need for counseling hours and support services.

Reduced Educational Services Cost

Your budget has to cover the needs of as many students as possible. Many institutions can’t hire enough full-time school psychologists, speech and behavior therapists, counselors, and instructional aids to help their entire student body. Adding curaJOY’s StrengthBuilders to your curriculum can help make up the difference. 

With the dynamic training available through StrengthBuilders, you’ll decrease your institutional need for counseling hours and other support services. There are no additional program or staff training costs, either. Finally, you can benefit from volume discounts and whole-year pricing if you’re implementing StrengthBuilders as a wide-reaching program.  

Help Your Students Thrive

Your institution’s first priority is the students you serve. With curaJOY’s groundbreaking StrengthBuilders program, you can give your students the social skills resources they need to succeed without increasing your administrative burden. 

Whether you want to target specific students who need extra help or support your entire student body, the StrengthBuilders program is a fun, effective tool. Learn more about how your school can add StrengthBuilders in English and Chinese to your curriculum today.

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