StrengthBuilder: Zoo U (English Edition)


Do your kids want more friends?  speak more confidently?  Set and reach their goals? StrengthBuilder: Zoo U, a program funded by the US Department of Education and National Science Foundation to improve children’s emotional intelligence, provides your child with a proven accurate and effective three-part program: assessment + improvement + consultation.  It’s up to you to set your child on the right start in life. Thousands of parents have found the solution, helping their children gain a competitive advantage over their peers and build the strengths necessary for lifelong success. You can help your child, too.

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Throughout StrengthBuilder: Zoo U, your child will face common social scenarios and life problems appropriate for their age, such as dealing with bullies, following complicated instructions, staying focused despite distractions, and problem solve, decide how to communicate and interact with other characters. Growth happens best with professional and timely evaluation.  Principal Wild, our fun and helpful school administrator, provides positive and constructive feedback on your child’s choices and gameplay at the conclusion of each scene.

Nobody is more important than parents in a child’s life, and the surest way for parents to ensure happiness, success, and all the other great aspirations you have for your children is to build up a strong internal armor with strengths that nobody can take away.

Do you expect to attend a two-hour sales workshop and walk out a top-performing rainmaker, able to close any deal?  Practice makes perfect!  Professional athletes train repeatedly and consistently in order to play at a world-class level. The internal strengths of communication, resilience, cooperation, discipline, confidence, empathy cannot be obtained just by reading a book but learned through doing, experiencing.  Your child gets unlimited access to all 30 unique scenes in StrengthBuilder: Zoo U during their subscription. There are no in-game purchases and nothing more to buy.  Research shows their improvements in our StrengthBuilder game carry out into real life and across all academic subjects.