Tell us a story of when your inner strength(s) triumphed, and help you or your community. Autobiographical stories are preferred, but you may write about others who have inspired you too.

Enter here:

The past year has challenged most families more than we could have ever imagined. Kids have had to adapt to virtual schooling, changing lockdown situations, missed team competitions and family visits, their teachers and parents’ working at home and the anxiety caused by these uncertainties–their own and those around them. We’ve also witnessed that words are powerful, in both positive and negative ways, and we can decide how we use that power. We want to build a positive community for kids where they inspire each other with stories of moments when their inner strengths triumphed, and in doing so, arouse their peers to act with the inner strengths of confidence, self-discipline, communication, resilience, cooperation, empathy, and multilingualism.

curaJOY announces our Shining Moments writing contest where contestants have a chance to win $100. We welcome positive Shining Moments from everyone, even if they’re not interested in participating in the contest. You may download a pdf flier here to spread the word.

Contestants may submit their Shining Moments stories and enter the contest at

This article in our blog could help you get started if you’re looking for extra help.

How do I win?

The post with the greatest number of likes at 1 pm PST on Monday, April 15, 2021. We will post a leaderboard on the Shining Moments main page starting March.

When and how will the winner be paid?

The USD $100 cash price can be redeemed via a visa gift card or gift card from popular merchants (i.e. Amazon, iTunes, Target). We will contact the winner to verify eligibility and payment preference within a week of the contest’s ending date.


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