Quest Depot

Gamify the hard parts of growing up for you and your family!
  • Optimize relationships with friends and family and re-train unhealthy communication patterns based on everyone’s personality type and communication style.
  • Guided goal creation, progress tracking, mood check-ins, problem-solving reflections
  • Reward system for family and friends to sponsor positive behaviors and form bonds through automated shared updates


Make lasting bonds. Feel closer to your family.

From physical distance (extended families far away), cultural barriers to age gaps, it can be hard to truly connect with the people you love.

  • Use Quest Depot to gain insights into your family’s personality traits, communication style, and love language, and interact even better.
  • Identify your interaction patterns and have it offer you the right template to prevent conflicts.
  • Play games and take fun quizzes and share your results for self discovery or competition!
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why it matters

Cultivate your child’s resilience

  • Quest Depot builds your EQ (Emotional intelligence), a growth mindset, healthy self-esteem, mindfulness and promotes a happy well-adjusted family.
  • Quest Depot supports your child with relatable and diverse QuestMates who are trained by psychologists and educational experts worldwide.
  • Quest Depot helps optimize and guide your most important relationships.
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Inside quest depot

Level up youth wellness through connection, rewards, and fun!

Quest Depot is the only one-stop educational solution that helps families efficiently grow emotionally and socially-thriving human beings.

It’s fun

Quest Depot’s engaging immersive fantasy setting who animated QuestMates is made for you and your child. We help busy parents connect with and develop their kids in this mythic space.

Gamified personal goals

We help children who may be thrilled by gaming, to channel that motivation towards personal goals and earn rare, epic, or legendary treasure!

Socratic learning

As a personalized A.I./ Machine Learning conversational learning platform, Quest Depot makes it fun and easy to set goals, track progress, feel calmer, discover your true self, reward good behaviors, achieve more, and improve your relationships.

What kids and families face today

Of all children, between the ages of 5 and 17


Have reported great emotional distress that inhibits healthy mental growth.

Family relationships are difficult to manage in a


Modern world filled with digital distractions and limits of time, energy, space and language.

“It used to feel like I’m talking up the wall. I try my best as a mom, but my kids will still do whatever they want. Now, thanks to Quest Depot, we are starting to enjoy family time again. Thank you, curaJOY!.”

Linda Choi, A work-at-home mom

“My daughter couldn’t stick it out with anything. She’d want to try dance, I buy dance shoes, gear. Lost interest after a few months. Then she wants to try ice skating, and the cycle just continued. I felt disappointed, and I’m sure she did too, but we were both stuck. Quest Depot helped her set goals in a visual way that she needs, and provided the always there support that she needed to follow through. I started noticing a change in her attitude, the way she viewed herself, and the change is continuing. This is a must-have tool for every parent who struggle with motivating their kids.”

Brad Nolan

“I consider myself a cool grandma, but kids are so busy these days, and it’s hard to keep track of their interests. I’m grateful to have Quest Depot suggesting activities to share as a family. We stay in touch a lot more regularly now.”

Janice Dillon


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2. As a parent, what are you main struggles?

I wish I had more parenting support
My child is struggling with tough emotions
My child is having difficulty with motivation
I wish my child had more shared experiences with my extended family

Quest Depot learns and adapts to YOUR family the more you interact!

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Quest Depot, a personal success tool

Quest Depot equips children and parents with comprehensive personal success and emotional wellness support that taps into the enjoyment they get out of video games without the hassle!

Built-in incentive systems, to keep the momentum going.

Family-wide engagements, for accountability and true motivation.

Financial education, cultural availability, localized teaching, in children’s own languages, and preferred platforms.

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Family-wide engagements
Built-in incentive systems
Cultural availability


QuestMates are here to help.

  • Questmates are our team of fun in-app Artificial Intelligence town residents who will provide around-the-clock emotional wellness support for your family.
  • QuestMates are powered by NLP (Natural Language Processing) conversational A.I. trained on cognitive, behavioral, acceptance, and commitment therapy and they get even smarter the more you use them!
  • QuestMates are a window to the world, helping people gain new perspectives, and grow in empathy by exposing them to people of different socioeconomic groups, in a way that’s real to them.
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Quest Depot is wherever you are.

You can access Quest Depot anytime, at-home or on the go. Web, mobile app, whatsapp, Facebook, or SMS. Quest Depot is always there for you.

It’s so easy-to-use that anyone from 7-93 year old would love it!


Quest Depot speaks your language.

Quest Depot is already available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and Chinese… with support for many more on the way!

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Quest Depot

curaJOY’s Quest Depot helps families connect better and enhance their emotional wellness with an omnichannel conversational learning app that integrates Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, real-life projects and rewards, and social-emotional education. Participants interact with in-game embodied agents who deliver personalized content sourced from the collective wisdom of psychologists, educators, business leaders, and youth worldwide, based on their age, communication style, chief concerns, and mood.  

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