How are “You’re The Star” comics different from others on the market?

Humans have used stories to illustrate values since before Homer and Aesop. We learn better when the content is presented in a familiar and relevant way to our lives. The stories in “You’re The Star” comics are designed to improve children’s responses to common challenges and goals in children’s lives. Each comic features your child as the “star” with myriads of customization options to personalize your child’s comic alter-ego. Just like in any superhero comics, your child–the star, confronts challenges that commonly appear in children’s lives to help children internalize better alternate responses by creating simple and complete stories. When children read these comics, they observe and view situations from another’s perspective, understanding the thoughts, emotions, and expectations of others in various scenarios. Repetition aid in solidifying the learning of new concepts. Expected social norms are also incorporated into curaJOY’s comics to improve children’s social adaptability and interpersonal communication skills. There are twelve comics available in the series currently, but we’re always working on new content. If your child is struggling with a particular topic, and you don’t see a comic available, please contact us.

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