The Proof

Scientific Evidence Supports Building Children's Social Emotional and Language Skills

Ever wondered what CEOs, presidents, elite athletes and top performers have in common? Expert coaches and advisors. Social emotional skills development is the bedrock of high performance coaching. SEL greatly influences children's ability to thrive over the long-run by equipping them with positive thinking, appropriate coping mechanisms, positive thinking and emotional resiliency.

Level Up EQ

Have You Invested In Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence?

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80% of educators believe social emotional wellbeing is crucial for academic success (Economist Intelligence Unit).

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Leading companies, such as Google, AllState, and Bank of America prioritize social emotional skills when hiring.

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Fortune 500 execs unanimously singled out communication and problem-solving skills as equal to or important than technical skills.

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Children with good social emotional skills perform and behave better at school and at home.

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On average, children experience an 11% gain in academic achievement that lasts more than a decade from social emotional education.

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Admissions rate to Ivy League colleges have decreased in the last decade and strength in soft skills is an important differentiating factor.

All Learning is Social Emotional!

“There is no separation of mind and emotions; emotions, thinking, and learning are all linked.” — Eric Jensen

As parents, you want the best for your children, and invest significant money, time, and energy to ensure your kids learn skills like reading, math, music so they may succeed in school. But how might the latest tech gadgets, doting nannies and well-intentioned tutors actually hinder children’s advancement? Some of the things we do to help our children actually become stumbling blocks. When we remove all obstacles, we remove problem solving and learning opportunities. The seven inner strengths that curaJOY targets, confidence, discipline, communication, resilience, cooperation, empathy and true multilingualism, can only be cultivated through comprehensive programs that instruct foundational skills, provide constant feedback, incorporate frequent practice and deliberately reinforcing areas needing improvements.  Read about our product development process here.

Social Skill

Just like how children learn to read and write, they can master social-emotional skills with proper guidance and consistent practice. Emotional intelligence helps them develop healthier relationships, resist peer pressure, and will empower them to make better choices to lead happy and prosperous lives.

curaJOY provides children with precisely designed and rigorously tested virtual environments where they learn and practice emotional intelligence without adverse real-life consequences or embarrassment. By progressively challenging children to frustrations mimicking common real-life obstacles, we effectively train and reshape their responses so those uncertainties and challenges in life transform from stumbling blocks to stepping stones.

A recent classroom study compared the academic achievement of students who participated in social emotional learning programs with those who didn’t. The results showed an 11 percent increase in the academic progress of students who received social emotional education. These students also demonstrated improved classroom behavior along with an enhanced ability to manage stress, and sustain positive attitudes and beliefs about themselves, school, and their peers.

No child is born with poor EQ, low self-confidence, and poor social skills. Resilience, empathy, confidence, cooperation, discipline and communication skills can and should be taught to children using the same concept of muscle memory and frequent feedback as any other type of performance training.

Emotional Intelligence Games

Gamified cognitive psychology principles | Effectively improve social and emotional intelligence


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