Confidence is a social emotional skill and can be nurtured, practiced, and learned. It helps children feel secure, capable and high-achieving. A University of Melbourne study showed a definite, positive correlation between belief in oneself and success or achievement. Confident children grow up to become successful adults, empowered to face life’s challenges and achieve their most lofty goals.

Helpful Programs

Studies show that primary school children who were confident performed better at school and bagged academic achievements regardless of their age, cognitive ability, and gender. Like Rome, confidence isn’t built in a day. It requires a nurturing environment, the right training, and consistent practice and encouragement. curaJOY games and comics employ a scientifically based and systematic approach to building confidence starting with guided practice with professional feedback in social initiation, peer interaction, and confronting bullies.

Confidence nears the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The need for respect, esteem, and confidence, is a requirement for all well-functioning human beings. When your child’s basic needs for survival are met, giving them opportunities to feel justly praised, recognized, and competent helps facilitate healthy development. Every parent wants the best for their children, and confidence is at the core. We have taken the mystery out of building confidence by developing programs that work and re-invented them in interactive games and comics to eliminate the struggle. There is no trait that replaces confidence in children and adults. That is, if your child communicates well and demonstrates self-discipline and empathy, he will still need to develop his self-confidence in order to achieve success. At curaJOY, we help parents raise confident children who trust themselves, are comfortable in their own skin, and aren’t afraid to go for their goals, starting from social initiation.

“You can conquer almost any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so. For remember, fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind. “
-Dale Carnegie

How confident are you?

Interpersonal Skills We Develop


Determine who is available and compatible

Social initiation

Overcome shyness and social anxiety. Find friends with similar interests and values.


Positively initiate a conversation with a group after being rejected


Ask to join a game already in progress. Be flexible when things change.


Interrupt and leave a conversation appropriately


Decide whether to play with a group, another peer, or by yourself

The World Belongs To Those Who Believe In Themselves!

In a recent study, children who had a positive but inaccurate perception of their performance were more susceptible to being depressed than those who had a more realistic rating of their performance. Undeserved praise can lead to a flawed portrayal of oneself, which may eventually lead to poor self-esteem. Rather than dishing out unwarranted or unmerited praise, parents can encourage children by urging them to stretch and grow, trying new things, and challenging themselves often.

Emotional Intelligence Games

Gamified cognitive psychology principles | Effectively improve social and emotional intelligence


Zoo Academy

$ 25 / year

5 to 7 year-olds

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Zoo U

$ 25 / year

7 TO 11 year-olds

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out of 10 top

concluded by the World Economic Forum as integral for success are social and emotional


in academic performance as a result of social emotional learning

5 thoughts on “Confidence”

  1. Edina says:


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  2. Staff Writer says:

    Without confidence, we’d probably give up once we were criticized. We would probably be so down from just receiving one critic. Confidence is similar to resilience. If we have too much of it, we become air heads.

    1. amelia says:

      That’s right! Confidence is important, and yet overconfidence could be a problem. That’s why we need to build confidence in children with a scientifically proven method as it is never an easy thing to do.

  3. Bianca says:

    Confidence is key!

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