Emotional Wellness

How we feel about ourselves, interact with others, and overcome obstacles in life makes an enormous difference in our ability to be happy and succeed.
What are families’ biggest challenges with emotional wellness?


Your child’s future

Social skills acquired during childhood lay the foundation for a successful future. A 20-year study confirmed a strong association between the early acquisition of social skills and future success in both academic and professional lives. On the contrary, children who lack social competence skills are likely to experience loneliness, career setbacks, substance abuse problems, and emotional distress.

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Build an invisible armor to defend against the ups and downs of life and reach dreams

The strengths within ourselves are invisible yet more durable and lasting than physical ones. Despite receiving the best possible education, not all children succeed in life at an equal level once they leave the cocoon of school. Social-emotional skills, cultural fluidity, and character strengths are equally important in combination with academic performance to give children the best chance of long-term success and happiness.

How we help

curaJOY helps children and their families acquire the knowledge and tools they need to establish a healthy self-image, bounce back from setbacks, collaborate with peers, think before they act, understand and regulate their emotions, actions and thoughts in different situations, allowing them to be more socially aware and establish positive relationships.

Using AI-driven conversational embodied agents, we provide families with a personalized emotional wellness curriculum that builds their emotional intelligence, character strengths, and cultural fluidity. Our goal is to help children succeed in their personal, professional, and social life wherever they go in the world.

Foundational Skills curaJOY Builds


The more confident people are, the more likely they are to try new things, stand firm against peer pressure, feel proud of who they are, and really give their best shot at everything they do. Components of a growth mindset like positive thinking are taught, practiced, and reinforced consistently.


Growing numbers of experts say resilience is the #1 key to success. We don’t just “lecture” about resilience. In our programs, participants learn by doing–overcoming, problem-solving tough situations like bullying, peer pressure, unexpected changes, test anxiety, rejection, etc.


We cover topics including active listening, perspective taking, word choices, body language, and negotiation styles that children usually have to wait until college to learn. Boosting communication skills benefit academic, social, and family life by helping them feel understood and obtain support.


Empathy is foundational to conflict resolution, leadership, and emotional wellbeing. It doesn’t just help people get along, but also enhances happiness and reduces stress. curaJOY enhances participants’ perspective-taking ability and aids problem-solving skills.


Lessons in this category help your child in conflict resolution and become a leader from an early age. Developing cooperation skills also helps children make, keep friends, and start preparing for leadership roles. It improves interpersonal relationships even within the family.


Self-disciplined individuals control their impulses, considering possible outcomes before they act. curaJOY personalizes content to target the areas participants most need work and introduces a diverse set of positive role models to further reinforce the learning.

Transformative Program. Lasting Change.

Quest Depot

Quest Depot is a gamified emotional wellness-building program that helps people as young as elementary school to set goals, track progress, improve relationships, think positively, and live out their dreams visually and socially.

Ages: 7-95
Languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin

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The emotional wellness of families worldwide suffered since the pandemic.


The ability to always get back up. No more crushed dreams.

How we overcome obstacles and achieve is fundamental to people’s self-esteem, especially in children who are still developing their sense of self.

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