About Us

curaJOY is a 501(c)3 non-profit that provides a personalized, one-stop solution for families to raise socially and emotionally thriving kids through evidence-based digital solutions that promote personal growth, continued practice, and authentic social connections in real life.  We partner with psychologists, educators, parents, and kids in the US and Asia to develop interactive digital emotional wellness programs that enable transformative self-learning in English, Spanish, and Chinese. Our kid-centric conversational approach engages today’s youth to become active participants on their growth journey to gain emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and positive habits for themselves and their families. 

Families’ emotional wellness is suffering.

Globalization and modern technology have increased productivity but diminished the real-life opportunities that help children foster social-emotional skills.  Overwhelmed parents and schools need help to foster emotional intelligence and social-emotional skills in our kids.

Our mission

At curaJOY, our mission is to provide personalized, available, and effective emotional wellness support for all families, to help them develop all the soft skills they will need in life, like emotional intelligence, resiliency, confidence, and more. We help families grow together, connect better and weather through storms.

How we help

We team up with clinical psychologists, school counselors, behavior therapists, speech therapists, and educators in both the United States and Asia to develop evidence-based programs in English and Mandarin, and our mission is to make proven therapeutic tools fun, easily accessible, and widely adopted.

Whole Families’ Emotional Wellness

Our outreach programs innovate the way social-emotional learning is delivered and meet users where and when they are at now, whether it’s social media, texting, or gaming. We classify social-emotional skills broadly into the following categories:


What makes curaJOY special?


Lasting Transformations

Many parents learn through trial and error that weekly therapy sessions alone cannot deliver the transformations they hoped for. Interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence can’t be taught through lectures and video lessons – children need opportunities to practice! curaJOY creates simulated and real-life experiences that facilitate the learning and mastery of skills like impulse control, problem-solving, making friends, decision making, and bouncing back from hardships. Our program also necessitates the continued practice of learned skills in real life and offline social interactions.

All Families

Diverse and inclusive

Children depend on their caregivers to recognize and accept the need for and importance of building emotional wellness.  Rather than attempting to change or eliminate existing biases, we re-frame the purpose and benefits of social-emotional learning to appeal to universally accepted values like success and growth.  Our content is scientifically sound and inclusive.  We localize it to be developmentally and culturally appropriate. The availability of curaJOY’s programs in multiple languages with diverse experts, and inclusive content enables all families to enhance their emotional wellness, regardless of language, race, technology fluency. 


The Whole Family Benefits

Family members’ mental health is interconnected.  Therefore, curaJOY works with the whole family, and families need solutions that integrate seamlessly into their existing lifestyle and schedule rather than another “add-on” that they need to squeeze into the calendar.  All other current resources–like private counseling, in-home behavior therapy, guided journals, social skills groups–require the parent’s involvement and time, but not all families have the resources to develop healthy emotional wellness in their children. curaJOY delivers a done-for-you, effective emotional wellness support program where parents are free to participate as little or much as they want.


24/7 One-Stop Solution

Help is often needed when a therapist, friend, or teacher is not available, and it’s no secret that people reveal more behind the privacy of their screens.  We make it easy for families to connect better and enhance emotional wellness by making our program accessible online or via Facebook, Discord, WhatsApp, Line, and text — 24/7 to assess, learn, and practice interpersonal and EQ skills.  curaJOY’s extensive privacy safeguards and anonymity options also make it possible to extend mental health help to the most reluctant population.

Solving the problem of Emotional Development

There are three traditional paths to providing social-emotional learning in schools, and both come with significant drawbacks.

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Quest Depot

Quest Depot is a gamified experience for personal growth that helps people as young as elementary to set goals, track progress, review performance, think positively, and live out their dreams visually and socially.

Ages: 7-23
Languages: English and Mandarin


Think well. Feel good. Thrive for life.

The relationship between academic achievement and social-emotional development is bilateral and symbiotic. Our StrengthBuilders and Quest Depot integrate fun and social-emotional fitness into the learning process to help children acquire and develop the critical inner strengths and cultural fluidity necessary to thrive — in school, throughout life, and around the world.

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