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Being a kid today is hard work. School work, homework, socialization, extra-curricular activities—life can sometimes feel overwhelming for our young ones. 

And for children of multi-cultural backgrounds, the challenges can be even more pronounced. Navigating two cultures, and often two languages can be mentally and emotionally taxing. The result is often a lack of confidence, loneliness, and poor academic performance. 

The Tools Your Child Needs to Thrive

At curaJOY, we understand that it takes more than just academic achievement for a child to be happy. It takes social and emotional fitness to succeed. 

That’s why we create tools to help your child develop all the skills they need to flourish in the classroom and beyond. 


Stop Struggling. Start Growing.

We develop science-backed, A.I.-enabled learning games to promote personal growth and emotional intelligence with the latest advances in brain research, psychology, behavioral science.

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StrengthBuilders is a learning game that evaluates, improves, and supports the emotional intelligence, performance, and behavioral readiness of children ages 5-15. With StrengthBuilder, you’re giving your child expert guidance from a team of a child psychologist, performance coach, speech therapist, behavior therapist, and school counselor. Subscriptions are available in English or Mandarin Chinese. Help your children realize their maximum potential.

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Quest Depot

Quest Depot is a gamified experience for personal success that helps people as young as elementary school to set goals, track progress, review performance, think positively, and live out their dreams visually and socially Personal goals are turned into quests, and users benefit from all proven effective productivity and success methods. Parents, grandparents, families, and friends can sponsor questers on their quests with cash prizes that are only released upon verified completion of quests.

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At curaJOY, we believe that social and emotional education is as important as academic learning. Especially for children growing up in multi-cultural/multi-lingual households. Learning how to interact with others while building self-confidence is essential for children to become highly functioning adults.

That’s why we’ve involved clinical psychologists, experienced educators, researchers, and focus groups to develop and fine-tune our programs, which have been reviewed by the US Department of Education and the National Science Foundation.

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  • Convenient, effective at-home behavior therapy
  • Social skills training for twice gifted children and others with learning differences
  • Medication-free approach to manage ADHD symptoms
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  • Gamified instruction = High client compliance and satisfaction
  • Detailed, individual student progress reports
  • Quick and cost efficient way to implement personalized, differentiated learning
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Science-backed Child Development and Personal Success

No more failed goals and crushed dreams.

The ability to overcome obstacles and achieve is fundamental to people’s self-esteem, especially in children who are still developing their sense of self. 

Common behavioral disorders in children
Common behavioral disorders in children
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services describes behavioral disorders as involving “a pattern of disruptive behaviors in children that last for at least 6 months and cause problems in school, at home, and in social situations”. This is different from the challenging behaviors children sometimes display. Almost all children will have tantrums, or act in aggressive, angry, or ... Read More
Five ways you can help ease kids’ stress from the last year
Five ways you can help ease kids’ stress from the last year
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Unbearable Emotions
Unbearable Emotions
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Junk Food for Your Soul
Junk Food for Your Soul
My daughter painted this the summer she finished fourth grade. While she is a very gifted artist, she didn't paint this on her own--she had way too much help with this piece at a department store art studio in Taiwan where art teachers help children replicate master pieces. Our social media post this week talked about affording kids the opportunity ... Read More
When You Should Let Your Child Fail: The Benefits of Natural Consequences
When You Should Let Your Child Fail: The Benefits of Natural Consequences
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curaJOY’s interactive online programs improve confidence, time management, communication, emotional intelligence, self-discipline, and social skills.

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